Kenneth Burgener kenneth at mail1.ttak.org
Mon Feb 12 09:44:50 MST 2007

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> I think ideas like this are not necessarily bad, but the implementation
> can't possibly be anything but bad.  I'd rather be empowered, as a
> parent or administrator of a private network, to set my own policies and
> filters.

I am unsure why you think the implementation is bad.  If you don't like
the way they set it up, you have the option to ignore it...

"A consumer who wants access to websites within non-compliant countries
will continue to have access to all websites, worldwide. Thus each
consumer's choice is unrestricted and flexible. "

I think their setup has similar merits to movie ratings.  I know movie
ratings aren't perfect, but it at least gives you some idea of the type
of content, which is better than nothing.

I also think this benefits more then browsing children.  Think about
office browsing.


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