Grant Shipley gshipley at
Mon Feb 12 09:22:11 MST 2007

> Even for a position in language X though, I'd rather hire/work with> someone who's demonstrated the initiative to broaden his horizons by
> learning something else as well.  No matter what X is.

This all started because I am reluctant to learn Ruby on Rails to help
on a open source project with some hard core Java guys at work.  I
more or less argued Bryan's points and they referred me to this book.

In my opinion is takes a very long time to master a language.  Sure,
anyone can pick up a language and start coding in a week or two but to
really feel like you know the ins and outs takes a long time.  I
argued that Java pays very well and there are things about my current
language of choice that I could improve on.

That being said, I also argued that PHP  is the next best language to
learn for $$$ because 95% of the contract work I see is written in


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