Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 15:20:48 MST 2007

I just heard about CP80, which you can read about at cp80.org.
They're proposing legislation to require ISPs to only route "clean"
traffic through port 80 (the "Community Port"), and to route "adult"
content through other ports (the "Open Port").  You can read about the
technical details here:


It *almost* sounds like it would work, but:

"The appropriate Internet governing body would establish policies for
content-specific ports, making it illegal for content deemed
"inappropriate for minors" to be routed via the Community Ports.
Publishers of mature content would have to sanitize their Community
Port presence and use the Open Port ranges to publish adult content."

Since any Thinking Human Being* would agree that passing this
legislation would be a Bad Thing, I'll skip over that discussion and
just ask - would anyone be willing to help me mobilize opposition to
the bill being proposed?


*Anyone who agrees with me

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