need help immediately!

Merrill Oveson moveson at
Sat Feb 10 13:42:14 MST 2007

My former boss called me.  He said he needs help asap - like today.
I was the IT director there, but I haven't worked there since July 2005.
But I can't remember much of anything.

Here's the machine:
Linux box built over 4 years ago - I believe the OS is Redhat 7.
I believe the drives are mirrored.
The machine was set up primary as a Samba server.
 The machine worked flawlessly for 2 years when I was there.

 Here's the problem as it was described to me:
The machine keeps crashing.  When it is rebooted they've lost about a week's
worth of data with respect to samba.
The problem could be hardware or software.  It needs to get fixed
immediately - today would be good.

Here's the deal:
Call me, Merrill @ 434-7695.
I'll put you in touch with my former boss and you can speak with him about
getting it fixed, compensation, etc.


Merrill Oveson

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