[OT] Money for nothing, and your bit flips for free?

Jordan S. Jones jordan at racistnames.com
Wed Feb 7 17:01:37 MST 2007

Steve wrote:
> Which got me thinking that maybe a standard while loop is not the
> proper solution here.  So I turned it on it's head with a do while
> which gave me 100,000 which is a pretty good speed up!
>     do{
>         s[y] = ~s[y];
>     }while(y++ <= s.length());
> Thanks for making me take a long hard look at my loops :D
> Regards,

I am curious, you may want to try a Duff's Device 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duff's_device) to see if it helps any or not.

Jordan S. Jones

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