[OT] Handling multiple UDP clients through NAT

Topher Fischer javert42 at cs.byu.edu
Wed Feb 7 15:27:43 MST 2007

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Andrew McNabb wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 07, 2007 at 12:40:52PM -0700, Dave Smith wrote:
>> Theoretically, it is possible to implement TCP on top of UDP, I imagine. 
>> It would be slightly easier than doing it directly on top of IP, since 
>> UDP gives you port numbers for free. :) That would be a fun weekend 
>> project...
> Or class project...
Yes, it was a fun class project.  Dr. Zappala's CS460 class.  We had to
implement a dummy version of TCP on top of UDP.  All in Python.

And just to add my two cents...

I took issue with Bryan's choice of words too.  I suppose it depends on
 the perspective that you're looking at it from.  As a protocol
designer/engineer, you could side with Bryan, and say the TCP is like
UDP, but super-sized.  On the other hand, as an application programmer,
they are just two different transport protocols for different things.
One working with single datagrams, and one working with persistent streams.

It also rubs me the wrong way when people say the TCP or UDP is built on
top of IP.  Maybe I misunderstand the implementations of the two, but as
I see it, TCP and UDP are normally "wrapped" in IP.  I guess it's just
my anal nature that makes me get all fussy about people's phraseology.

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