[OT] Handling multiple UDP clients through NAT

Corey Edwards tensai at zmonkey.org
Wed Feb 7 12:40:17 MST 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-07 at 12:26 -0700, Andrew McNabb wrote:
> However, one important point along the lines of what you were saying is:
> TCP can be conveniently implemented on top of UDP.

That's what NFS does. For reasons I'm not familiar with, it uses UDP
with its own reliability management rather than TCP.

>   You could also say
> that UDP is nothing but IP with port numbers.

Port numbers, length and a checksum. The checksum is important because
the IP checksum only covers the IP headers, where the UDP checksum is
across the whole datagram.

Here's a handy tool for you packet sniffers:



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