Why are external HDD enclosures advertised as 3.5"

Brian Hawkins brianhks at activeclickweb.com
Tue Feb 6 10:59:25 MST 2007

No, I'm referring to the distance between the bottom screws on the left 
side to the bottom screws on the right side.
|                     FRONT                              |
  ^                                                         ^

That width is probably close to 3.5" (as I do not have a drive available 
to look at).
If the width of the drive is 4" and each screw is inset .25" from the 
side that would make them 3.5" apart.


Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> Brian Hawkins wrote:
>> I mean the distance between the screws on the bottom of the drive.  The
>> width between the screws is probably pretty close to 3.5"
>> Brian
> Oh, you mean the bottom screws you would use to mount in the enclosure?
>  They are exactly the same distance apart (about 1.5") as the front two
> side screws, but offset about .5" back from the front side screws.
> There are two screws (of the 4) that mount the circuit board to the hard
> drive casing that are roughly 3.5" apart.
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