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Daniel teletautala at
Sat Feb 3 20:37:40 MST 2007


Thanks for the suggestion.  I am working on a web project that needs
complicated authentication.  My Ubuntu box won't seem to authenticate
me so I code on a test (Fedora) machine because that will allow me to
sign in.  --Note-- I don't have anything against Ubuntu, just
distinguishing it from the test box.  What I currently do is work
remotely on the files on the test server and test it there.  When the
code is good it gets committed to svn.  I could edit the code on my
Ubuntu box, commit it to svn, then update the Fedora box and test it
there, but that is a hassle.
I think there is a problem with my pear/Auth.php file or something
related to it.  Everything else seems to be fine. I don't know how to
discover/troubleshoot the problem.  It would be nice to use
strace/ltrace or lsof, but I don't know how on a php script.  Maybe
I'll just have to use echo/print_r <shutter>:P Sorry for rambling and
going off on a tangent.  This has just been a problem (not being able
to test the code locally) for a while (about a year).  I guess the
best way to procede would be to fix the local problem and that will
solve the remote file ownership problem.  Thanks again for everyones


On 2/2/07, Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
> Daniel C. wrote:
> > On 2/2/07, Jeff Schroeder <jeff at> wrote:
> >> You'll need to upload them to the server as that user.  Assuming you're
> >> using SFTP or scp or (yuck) FTP, if you login as the Apache user, the
> >> files you create will be owned by that user.
> >
> > I'm logging into the server via putty and creating the files with vi
> > under my own user, which has write access to the document root but is
> > not the Apache user.
> I'd recommend using CVS or some other version control system. Check in
> your code as your normal account on a testing only web server, and then
> switch to the Apache user and update from CVS on the live web server. In
> addition to preserving file ownership, it will also help you in many
> other ways.
> --Dave
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