CUPS won't work, nor other printing to xp shared printer

Roberto Mello rmello at
Sat Feb 3 09:21:33 MST 2007

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 09:39:18AM -0700, Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> There's my dilemma. I run Debian 2.6.8 at my office. I frequently run
> apt-get upgrade to assure I have the most up to date system, but I fear
> running apt-get may have crippled CUPS. 

2.6.8, is that Sarge? Etch? I only know Debian versions by name, not
> About 3 weeks ago, after the update / upgrade routine, CUPS stopped working.
> It took with it the installed default printer to my linux box, which is a
> network shared laser jet attached to a windows xp box on my LAN. 

Debian's packaging system keeps track of configuration files, and it will
ask you when a new version of a package will rewrite a configuration file
that you modified (in other words, that is different from the file that
was shipped with the version of the package that you have installed).

The default in Debian is to NOT rewrite you configuration files and put
the new configuration file with a .dpkg-dist extension. dpkg will prompt you
and ask if you want to keep your config file (default), take the new
version, or see the diff of the two versions so you can decide. If you
choose to get the new version, it'll save your old version as

For whatever reason (maybe a bug in the package?) maybe some file got
rewritten. Check your /etc/cups/printers.conf and see if your printer is
defined there. Also check if there's a /etc/cups/printers.conf.dpkg-old.
If it is, copy it over to printers.conf.

Next step would be to check if you have a printername.ppd under
/etc/cups/ppd. Every printer defined in /etc/cups/printers.conf needs to
have a ppd there.


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