Router recommendations

Shane Hathaway shane at
Fri Feb 2 23:10:54 MST 2007

Andrew Hunter wrote:
> That is on the page
>  I
> couldn't figure out how to invoke that capability, so I emailed them and
> asked them to do it.  They said:  "This is a miss print in the support
> documentation. The EBR-2310 does not support Port Address Forwarding". 
> Hence, my current dilemma.  Once this is figured out, I get to see if I
> can exchange it.  I bought the router from CompUSA.  I rather doubt
> they'll take it back for reasons of functionality.

FWIW, my DI-524 also has this feature--I tested it just now.  I bought
it for about $20, but apparently the price has risen since then. :-/


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