persisting file ownership

Daniel teletautala at
Fri Feb 2 13:27:32 MST 2007

I have changed the setgid and feel confident with that.  I appreciate
your help and I will work on gedit not using root as my group.  I am
not in that group.

[root at test phpApps]# grep daniel /etc/passwd
daniel:x:501:48:Daniel Taualii:/home/daniel:/bin/bash
[root at test phpApps]# grep 48 /etc/group
[root at test phpApps]# usermod -G "" daniel
[root at test phpApps]# grep daniel /etc/group


On 2/2/07, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:
> On Fri, February 2, 2007 11:46, Daniel wrote:
> > I use gedit to edit my php scripts.  When I send them to the server
> > the owner and group get changed.  I want the ownership <apache
> > user>.<apache group> to persist.  I don't want everyone to read these
> > files.  What can I do to force the apache user and group to own the
> > php scripts?
> >
> Might I suggest another alternative...
> Create a new group called webgroup or web or www, chgrp all your web files to that
> new group, add only the people that should be modifying those files to that group,
> and chmod everything so the group can read/write the files.
> -Ryan
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