Router recommendations

Andrew Hunter andrewm_hunter at
Fri Feb 2 13:19:19 MST 2007

Brian Hawkins wrote:
> I have a dlink 604 at home and it does this very thing.  I route ssh 
> from port 2022 to 22 on my linux box inside the firewall.  I think it 
> was mentioned that his dlink didn't work for this?  What model is it 
> and have you updated the firmware?
> Brian 
Brian, I have the EBR-2310 
(, with firmware version 
1.05.  In their online firmware emulator, it says that the router has 
"private port" forwarding, described as:

*/Private Port /* - The port number of the service being hosted by the 
server computer on the LAN.

That is on the page  I 
couldn't figure out how to invoke that capability, so I emailed them and 
asked them to do it.  They said:  "This is a miss print in the support 
documentation. The EBR-2310 does not support Port Address Forwarding".  
Hence, my current dilemma.  Once this is figured out, I get to see if I 
can exchange it.  I bought the router from CompUSA.  I rather doubt 
they'll take it back for reasons of functionality.

The WRT options mentioned already never occurred to me, but they're 
certainly intriguing.  I'm reading about those now, and I may end up 
just picking up a cheap router that has a reasonably high-speed WAN port 
and can use the WRT firmware.  Thanks for those suggestions.


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