persisting file ownership

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Fri Feb 2 12:04:30 MST 2007

Daniel asked:

> What can I do to force the apache user and group to own the
> php scripts?

You'll need to upload them to the server as that user.  Assuming you're 
using SFTP or scp or (yuck) FTP, if you login as the Apache user, the 
files you create will be owned by that user.

A slightly more complicated approach that works with FTP is to set the 
ownership of all files in a certain directory, so that no matter who 
you login as, any files will be assigned that ownership.  I don't know 
if SFTP/scp have this capability.

And of course the last resort is to use 'chown' to update them after 
they've been uploaded.  You may need to be logged in as root to do 
that, however.

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