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Matthew Walker rorith at
Fri Feb 2 10:01:55 MST 2007

On Fri, February 2, 2007 9:57 am, Corey Edwards wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 22:08 -0700, Andrew Hunter wrote:
>> Hi to all.  I'm setting up a couple of servers here at home and would
>> find it very useful to find an appropriate router.  I'm having some
>> trouble filtering through different names given to different features,
>> though.  I'm looking for the ability to route an incoming request on a
>> particular port to a specific port on a destination address inside the
>> network.  Anyway, the names I see for this are private port forwarding
>> (the one that seems most correct to me), port triggering, application
>> triggering, and a couple others I don't recall.  Naturally, I might have
>> mistook one of those names.  Anyway, does anyone have any
>> recommendations for routers that can do what I describe?  I'm looking in
>> the home-consumer level price range.  Wireless is not needed.  Many
>> thanks.
> My personal recommendation would be to find any of the Linksys routers
> that support OpenWRT and go with that. I have a WRT54G (v2) and love it.
> I know you don't need the wireless, but that model is still a good one.
> Don't get a v5 WRT though. That version has incompatible hardware and
> the firmware for it blows. Unless you can find an older model, you'll
> have to get the WRT54GL which is the same as the v4, but with a higher
> price tag. To me, totally worth it. Check the OpenWRT site for a list of
> compatible hardware.
> If you go with OpenWRT you'll have to tweak iptables rules directly, but
> that seems easier to me than navigating the quagmire of "port
> triggering, application triggering", etc.
> Or see if your ISP will assign you a few more IP addresses. That's truly
> the best solution, IMNSHO. NAT is Evil(tm).
> Corey

I like more than OpenWRT. I'm running it on my
WRT54G, and it's nice.

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