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Steve smorrey at
Fri Feb 2 07:48:01 MST 2007

Every Linksys router I've ever owned including the $40 Walmart
specials can do port forwarding out of the box.

On 2/2/07, Gary Thornock <gthornock at> wrote:
> --- Andrew Hunter <andrewm_hunter at> wrote:
> > I would like to make it so that if someone requests
> > (that is, a standard port 80 HTTP request), the request is
> > given to the Debian server on port 80.  If someone requests
> >, on the other hand, the request is forwarded
> > to port 80 of the Suse server.
> OK, you want to forward a port on the external interface to a
> different port on the inside network.  I've never heard that
> called "private port forwarding" before, but now that you've
> clarified what you're trying to do, it makes sense.
> Unfortunately, I don't know of any off-the-shelf routers that
> do that.  You've found that your D-Link won't.  I just confirmed
> that my Linksys won't either, and neither do any of the Belkin or
> Microsoft routers I've seen.  It's easy to do with iptables or
> pf, of course, but then you either get to set up a PC to do your
> routing, or run something like pfSense or m0n0wall on a Soekris
> (not that that's bad, but it's more work to set up than a COTS
> router.)  Doubtless Cisco would be happy to sell you a router
> that can do it, too, but it won't be in the D-Link price range.
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