Router recommendations

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Thu Feb 1 22:25:12 MST 2007

On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Andrew Hunter wrote:

> Hi to all.  I'm setting up a couple of servers here at home and would find it 
> very useful to find an appropriate router.  I'm having some trouble filtering 
> through different names given to different features, though.  I'm looking for 
> the ability to route an incoming request on a particular port to a specific 
> port on a destination address inside the network.  Anyway, the names I see 
> for this are private port forwarding (the one that seems most correct to me), 
> port triggering, application triggering, and a couple others I don't recall. 
> Naturally, I might have mistook one of those names.  Anyway, does anyone have 
> any recommendations for routers that can do what I describe?  I'm looking in 
> the home-consumer level price range.  Wireless is not needed.  Many thanks.

Port forwarding.  I use it on my DSL modem which forwards to my 

I have used Netgear and had good success with them.  I just recently got 
an FVS114 that I like:

Although I hear Linksys makes some really good products.


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