Router recommendations

Andrew Hunter andrewm_hunter at
Thu Feb 1 22:08:37 MST 2007

Hi to all.  I'm setting up a couple of servers here at home and would 
find it very useful to find an appropriate router.  I'm having some 
trouble filtering through different names given to different features, 
though.  I'm looking for the ability to route an incoming request on a 
particular port to a specific port on a destination address inside the 
network.  Anyway, the names I see for this are private port forwarding 
(the one that seems most correct to me), port triggering, application 
triggering, and a couple others I don't recall.  Naturally, I might have 
mistook one of those names.  Anyway, does anyone have any 
recommendations for routers that can do what I describe?  I'm looking in 
the home-consumer level price range.  Wireless is not needed.  Many thanks.


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