2 Distro Recommendations?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Thu Feb 1 06:21:09 MST 2007

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, Steve wrote:

> My goal for the existing linux box is to turn it into a Network
> Attached Storage Device for my LAN.
> The ideal distro for the retired box would be one specialized for
> usage as a NAS, have a small diskspace footprint, and preferably be
> able to run (if not install), headless.
> The retired box has 1GB of RAM, so a live CD would be a real
> possibility for it, so we could maximize disk utilization.
> Now the other recommendation I'm looking for, is a good distro for
> this shiny new Mac In a Box.  The Mac Mini, has a dual core Intel CPU
> and a Gig of RAM.  But I'm not sure what Linux Distro's will play nice
> with Macs.  Ideally I'ld like a version that virtualizes well, so I
> can run it concurrent with OSX.  But I'm not opposed to a triple boot
> configuration (I program for a living, and this is technically a "work
> computer", so I need to compile and test on all 3 platforms) if thats
> the only way to go here.

Have you tried Gentoo?  It can be as small as you want it, pretty much.  I 
have been running it for a couple years and really like it.  It has a live 
CD and also runs on a Mac.

For my Mac I have been running XP in Parallel's virtualization environment 
and it plays well.  Parallel's also supports many other OS's, such as 
Linux.  It costs some money though.


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