iPod Touch wit Linux?

Bradley Dorner bddorner at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 31 15:16:19 MST 2007

My son has an iPod that he loves. A friend of his has a hacked one and they also love it. The only problem with the hacked iPods is that some of the software that is available for it tends to break the hacks. Personally I would wait for the sdk to come out and try to stay within what is available via the sdk. Personally I am not going to get one until I can use it on something other then AT&T. I had too many problems with them to go through AT&T again. Other then that it is a great device. It is the only cell phone that I can actually hear on. 


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Does anyone here have an iPod Touch? What's your opinion? I'm 
considering getting one, but I want to be able to jailbreak it and
programs for it using Linux. Anyone care to comment?

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