Apache Auth

Erik R. Jensen erikrj at netradius.com
Sun Dec 30 13:17:47 MST 2007

Jeff Anderson wrote:
> If I can make any app log in to this common authentication system
> through its own interface, it will be completely transparent to the user.

Sounds to me like you are really looking for a single sign-on solution 

You may want to look at




I think these would be a better solution than trying to reinvent the 
wheel. I have been working with CAS and like it so far. It has clients 
for Apache, Java, .NET, Perl, PHP etc. and you can always write your own 
since it is open. It will authenticate against a number of sources and 
you can also create your own custom authentication source. There are 
always closed solutions too. I know Oracle, Sun, IBM and Novell all have 
single sign-on solutions if you want to pay for one.

Erik R. Jensen

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