Apache Auth

Jeff Anderson jefferya at programmerq.net
Sun Dec 30 12:08:41 MST 2007


I am not going to bore you with 'why' but this is what I want to do:
Authenticate a user behind the apache authentication from the server-side.
Basically I want to get rid of the box if I have a password area on apache.

The user would provide their credentials in the login form of <insert
your web app or framework here> and the web app would make a call or run
a command that tells apache that the current user is trying to
authenticate. Apache processes the request just like it had come from
the http request packet in the user agent.

I am not interested in alternatives to this, as I have thought of many
of them already, and rejected them.
Any and all insight is appreciated, even if you don't have a solution.


Jeff Anderson

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