Towards a better router.

Steve smorrey at
Sat Dec 29 13:44:33 MST 2007

Howdy Folks,

Recently my Linksys router suffered it's final demise, and I went
shopping around for a new router.
After a few days of looking I finally settled on a new netgear router.
Everything has been working fine, except for 2 problems.

#1 Every couple of days DHCP release occurs and the router fails to
catch on, so I loose internet connectivity until I pull the plug and
reset it.
To be fair I've had this problem with every router I've every had in
this house, and it's usually fixed with a firmware upgrade.  At
present no such upgrade exists for this router.

#2 It becomes badly saturated, very easily.  I have a 50MB fiber optic
line going into my house.  But if I try to download something while
say streaming video on the LAN, the whole works gets gummed up.  This
wasn't much of a problem until I got the D-Link DSM-520, but now if I
watch a show in one room while surfing the net in another, the net
slows to a crawl and the show will stutter, or as happened on one
occasion the whole router will hard freeze, and require me to manually
pull the plug on it.

All of that is very annoying, and I guess it's what I get for buying a
$40 router, on the other hand I can't say a Linksys wouldn't have
puked and died under the same loads. But now Christmas is over I'ld
like to get a really good router that won't choke and die in sustained
high bandwidth situations.  I'm considering getting a commericial
grade router if that would make a difference, although my
understanding is that they don't, at least not in my price range.
Speaking of which my price range is still < $200.  I also need to make
sure the router has at least 4 hardwired 10/100 ethernet ports, and a
good strong 802.11g or better wireless connectivity option.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Steve Morrey

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