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Jesse Stay jesse at
Fri Dec 28 18:13:47 MST 2007

I know I mentioned we're looking for contractors a little earlier.  If
you've contacted me about that - bear with me, we may still be interested in
your help.  As a startup, my Social Media consulting and development company
( is trying to get things off the ground, and we need
developers of all levels to help us out with this.  So if you are looking or
know someone that is looking, or would like to take a turn into the Social
Media sphere of development, we're looking for your help!

Requirements for the job:

-Some sort of experience developing software in some sort of Language
-Ability to wear multiple hats - let us know if you have experience in
Systems Administration, Networking, Graphic Arts, Business, Marketing,
Sales, or whatever it may be
-(I hate this one, but it's true!) Must be a quick learner!  We'll be
teaching you (unless you already have experience) how to write in Facebook,
SEO techniques, Google OpenSocial, etc.
-Desire to change the world!

Bonus Points:

-Experience in Perl and/or C (we will need more than just Perl developers
-Experience writing Facebook and/or OpenSocial apps
-SEO experience
-Experience having previously worked in a startup environment
-Background in Linux (of course!)

If you or someone you know is interested, please send your resume, linkedIn
profile, or Facebook profile (whichever you think gives us the best
impression of you), as well as any code samples you may have (off-list) to
myself (jesse at  We have some very big clients on the
line here so we will pay competitively - it is my opinion that a startup
should pay more, since you are taking more risk, not less!

Bonus Points - find me on Facebook or Twitter and add me as a friend!

Jesse Stay
Chief Social Officer

Cell: (801) 853-8339

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