[OT] DIY Antenna

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Fri Dec 28 10:30:53 MST 2007

I know there are a few HAM operators here, and others who might have
some insight into my question.

I got a handheld radio scanner for Christmas, which I intend to use
almost exclusively for listening to aircraft communications (108MHz to
137MHz, especially 118MHz to 137MHz). It works great, but I would like
to try my hand at making an antenna to improve reception. The included
antenna is only about a foot long, and my understanding is that 1/4
wavelength for this band is about 2 feet.

The manual says "use 50-ohm, RG-58, or RG-8 coaxial cable to connect an
outdoor antenna". The connector is BNC. I've done some reading on the
'tubes' and would like to run my ideas by someone who has some

I reckon I could use a telescoping FM antenna at 1/4 wavelength (abt 22
inches). I'm not sure how to go about connecting it to the BNC connector
but that's probably straightforward given the right adapter, right?

I think maybe a dipole or folded dipole could do better. At least it
seems that way from what I've read. I've seen stuff saying folded dipole
has a wider bandwidth, which sounds good. But maybe the bandwidth of a
regular dipole is sufficient for the 20MHz-wide band in question. As I
understand it, a dipole antenna is about 75 ohms and a folded dipole is
about 300 ohms. Will I need a balun? What if I don't have a balun?


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