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Jesse Stay jesse at
Thu Dec 27 22:33:56 MST 2007

My cousin was recently laid off from PacketFront, and is looking for sys
admin jobs.  He has been focusing lately on Windows tasks, but I think would
love more opportunities to Admin Linux machines - if you're aware of
anything, let me or him (his e-mail below) know.  I know there are a lot of
companies out there looking right now.  See below for more about what he's
looking for:


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From: Nat Brown <natjbrown at>
Date: Dec 27, 2007 10:41 AM
Subject: [jessestayfamily] Looking for a job
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Well, I'm still looking around for a new job since PacketFront laid
everyone off.  I've decided to broaden my search to include jobs in
Salt Lake, Ogden or Logan that would require a move, but due to issues
with foster care and a possible adoption, I'm not looking outside of
Utah at this time.

Technically, I'm looking for a position as a Windows system
administrator.  Since every company seems to have a different title
for this type of job, the simplified explanation is that I am the one
that fixes the servers when they go down, and keeps them from going
down in the first place.

I've worked mostly with Windows servers, but have worked some with
Linux, Macintosh, and Novell.

If anyone is aware of a need for a good sysadmin, I would appreciate
you letting me know.  I am attaching my resume in case someone is
looking for a person like me.

Jesse Stay
Chief Social Officer

Cell: (801) 853-8339

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