Red Hat CEO Steps down.

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Fri Dec 21 11:17:13 MST 2007

On Dec 21, 2007 11:17 AM, Dennis Muhlestein <devel at> wrote:
> Hey Grant,
> I saw that headline in the news today.  Can you give us the "inside"
> scoop?  How is hiring the CEO of Delta going to translate into better
> business for Red Hat down the road?  Just wondering.  Not that Red Hat
> is doing bad or anything.  From the article:

Not sure if I can officially talk about it or not other than to say it
was for personal reasons and has nothing to do with the current state
of the business.  He is not taking another job anywhere else and will
be concentrating on spending time with his family.

> "The surprise move was announced as the leading Linux seller announced
> results for its third quarter of fiscal 2008. Its revenue increased 28
> percent to $135.4 million and net income went up 12 percent to $20.3
> million, or 10 cents per share. The company also raised estimates for
> full-year results to revenue of $521 million to $523 million and
> earnings of about 70 cents per share. "
> Nice going RH!

yes, things are going great here at Red Hat.  We are still hiring
about 100 people a quarter.
> -Dennis
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