Geek Lunch This Thursday - Philadelphian, Sandy, Utah

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Fri Dec 21 10:02:37 MST 2007

+++ Jonathan Ellis [21/12/07 08:29 -0700]:

Shameless PLUG follows. If this goes against the grain, let me know!

> Doh!
> We were the group farthest in the back.  Clint was wearing a black
> "there's no place like" shirt and I was wearing a black
> "google summer of code" shirt.  Plus Gary, Trevor, Will, and a fellow
> from linux networx (sorry, forgot the name) whose shirts I didn't
> notice.

Not to worry. I don't know if much interest exists, but I am offering a New
Patient discount for any PLUG members who want to get Chiropractically
adjusted.* The offer is transferable and referrals are encouraged. 

Chiropractic is somewhat like the FOSS community, in that we are in the
minority, we offer something great, which erodes at the stranglehold of big
medicine on the health and wellness needs of patients. 

Anyway, my offer is $40 for a new patient history, exam and treatment
(normally is $75) for first time. This offer is good through January 15,
2008. Print this note out and bring in to your appointment. Share with all
your friends, pass the word along as I kick start my practice into 2008. 

*If you are already under another Chiropractor's care, but feel like you've
become a number, just a cog in their wheel, call me 566.5428. You have my
undivided attention to work out the problems and leave you feeling better,
moving better, and functioning better. 

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