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Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Thu Dec 20 19:42:05 MST 2007

On 12/20/07, Kurt Griffiths <kurt.griffiths at> wrote:
> With that in mind, there is no denying that the overall complexity (and,
> therefore, tendency toward code entropy) goes up the bigger you system gets.
> Although languages like Ruby can certainly reduce the amount of lines you
> write, the lack of really great tool support means you reach the point of
> unmanageability (is that a word?) faster (I am reaching that point right now
> with a Rails app at work).

I found that the lack of a *really* good ORM (ActiveRecord was a good
first try but they really should have admitted its limitations and
designed something better by now...  or just copied sqlalchemy :) hurt
Rails a lot more than lack of tool support.  Web apps are inherently
pretty loosely coupled; I never felt like I needed an IDE just to
navigate or make sense of things.


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