Oddball DNS issue: won't resolve hostname alone.

Steven Alligood steve at bluehost.com
Thu Dec 20 13:25:14 MST 2007

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> Steven Alligood wrote:
>> Anyone have any real reasons for not using sendmail?
> Ease of configuration, and virtual users.  That's about it.  I use
> postfix for my personal mail server for these reasons.  Sendmail does
> not support virtual users in the same sense as any of the other common
> MTAs.  Like users in SQL, etc.
> Generally speaking I run sendmail at _work_ on all my mail servers.
> It's industry standard, fairly secure (has not had a breach in many
> years now), and supports a robust filtering API that's unmatched by any
> other MTA, although postfix recently added initial support for the same
> API.  The ability to hook into the actual envelope processing stage and
> do external filtering is awesome.  A filter can stop a connection dead
> before the entire message even gets accepted.  With Postfix, before
> milter, you have to set up what are essentially proxy smtp servers
> (amavisd, greylisting, etc).  Usually this means the entire message has
> to be received before filtering can be applied.

Ok, I accept that answer.

And I agree with using something else if you are hosting a large group 
of users locally to the MTA (say, anything over a few hundred 
accounts).  I haven't used the current incarnation, that allegedly 
allows LDAP to be compiled in (rather than called as a sub process), but 
it show promise for a large local user base.

Milter is truly awesome, but my favorite feature (and this is for large 
scale, hundreds of thousands of users) is the hoststatus directory 
structure.  My outbound qmail servers constantly will get bound up with 
attempting to deliver to servers it should already know are not 
responding.  Sendmail doesn't have that issue, if you setup the 
hoststatus stuff.
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