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Alex Esplin alex.esplin at
Wed Dec 19 23:29:01 MST 2007

On Dec 19, 2007 11:19 PM, Charles Curley
<charlescurley at> wrote:
> 20 years ago, I had a compiler, interpreter, operating system, and
> maybe an assembler, all in 8 Kb. 12 Kb on 32 bit processors. It ran in
> as little as 16 Kb, but I preferred 24 Kb. I could port it to a new
> processor in a few weeks, and once I had the processor down I could
> put it on a new computer in as little as an hour. The source code fit
> on a DSDD floppy, along with editors, assemblers, the cross compiler
> (it was self hosting), decompilers, single steppers, disassemblers and
> other tools. Oh, and a few games. And an IDE.

And we were _grateful_ :-p

Alex Esplin

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