Article for thought

Levi Pearson levi at
Wed Dec 19 21:10:29 MST 2007

Dave Smith <dave at> writes:
> At my company, we're using QSA (EcmaScript) extensively for run-time
> macro execution and it's great. The guy who architected our QSA stuff
> is a long-time Scheme lover, and his QSA code reflects it. It looks
> fantastic. It has very little boiler plate, and really lets you get
> down to the business of expressing the algorithm you want to
> accomplish without a lot of sit-ups. I'm a fan.

ECMAScript is kind of like Scheme in Java clothing.  I saw a website a
while back where someone translated a lot of the code from The Little
Schemer into Javascript.  It's got a lot of warts compared to the
pristine beauty of Scheme, and it's missing the nice syntactic
abstraction capability, but at least you get higher-order
functions. :)


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