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Dave Smith dave at
Wed Dec 19 20:50:16 MST 2007

Nathan wrote:

 > Without futher ado:

Wow. That was a fun read, on par, dare I say, with Joel Spolsky before 
he went into complete business mode. Some of the jabs against Java 
programmers were a little below the belt, but nonetheless an excellent 

Here's the real killer. Trolltech is way ahead of this guy. They chose 
EcmaScript years ago for QSA, and now they have taken it even farther 
with QtScript.

At my company, we're using QSA (EcmaScript) extensively for run-time 
macro execution and it's great. The guy who architected our QSA stuff is 
a long-time Scheme lover, and his QSA code reflects it. It looks 
fantastic. It has very little boiler plate, and really lets you get down 
to the business of expressing the algorithm you want to accomplish 
without a lot of sit-ups. I'm a fan.


P.S. Yes, we're still hiring. :)

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