Cast not your Perl before swine?

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Tue Dec 18 16:18:11 MST 2007

On Dec 18, 2007 3:02 PM, Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
> So you're saying that the Java developers have this great garbage
> collection solution, and now all they need is a problem to solve with it?

Java developers?  This is a feature of nearly all modern language
runtimes.  The benefits of GC are obvious and the problem that it
solves in a safe and consistent way is obvious.  There is debate about
the actual runtime cost of some GC algorithms, but even if the costs
were as expensive as suggested, GC is still worth it.  There's no
reason to work your tightrope act without a net.

Using automatic variables and virtual destructors is great, but there
is plenty of room for error.


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