Oddball DNS issue: won't resolve hostname alone.

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Mon Dec 17 23:19:10 MST 2007

Charles Curley wrote:
> Postfix *is* supposed to relay. The postfix instance is running on
> phoenix, and the mail is addressed to root, which phoenix has aliased
> as ccurley at charlesc.

Ah, ok.  Some thoughts:

- You might be able avoid the issue by changing the root alias to point
to 'ccurley at charlesc.localdomain' instead.

- AFAIK Postfix does not consult resolv.conf; it talks to DNS directly.

- See 'man 5 postconf' for reference.

- Use 'postconf | less' to see the current config values.

- The Postfix 'mydomain' parameter should be set to 'localdomain'.  You
can use the 'dnsdomainname' command to find out what the machine thinks
its domain name is.  The way to change the domain name persistently
varies by distribution.

- Setting up MX records isn't hard and may pay off in stability.

- If you must, you can short-circuit the whole name lookup using a
transport map.  See the 'transport_maps' Postfix parameter.  However,
while transport maps are powerful, this sort of hack shouldn't be necessary.


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