Cast not your Perl before swine?

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Dec 17 14:46:24 MST 2007

On Dec 17, 2007 11:48 AM, Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
> Some time before I started working there (a few years ago), Java burned
> us (them) pretty hard. We were trying to support older Solaris, Windows,
> and Red Hat 7.3 at the same time. I believe locale problems played a big
> part, not to mention how hard it was (is?) to write a Swing app that
> doesn't look ugly and hang a lot.

eBay and are two prominant examples of apps that
converted from C++ to Java and had major performance and productivity
improvements.  For every case, there is a counter case I suppose.

Not to let Java off the hook, but it sounds like you guys just didn't
have the proper talent working on the project.  What you guys were
trying to do sounds pretty trivial.  Maybe that underscores a weakness
of Java's -- that of being too hard, or at least non-intuitive for the

Prior to NetBeans, Swing development has always been rediculously
difficult to make something look good.  However, NetBeans 6 (GPLv2)
makes it a cake-walk.  Take a look at these Netbeans demo videos
below.  It really is amazing what Sun has produced.

GUI Builder:

Create a RESTful Web app in minutes:

C/C++ Coding:

Ruby/JRuby Coding:

Not that I would ever get the chance, but I would wager that I could
reproduce your guy's current app with Swing/Java in a few weeks and
that it would run as fast or faster than your Qt/C++ version.

> We've gone to Qt/C++ and Python for pretty much everything and are
> totally happy with it.

I'm a big Qt fan.  And python ain't too shabby either.  I can
understand why you're happy with your current setup.


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