Never a Doh! moment.

Steven Alligood steve at
Mon Dec 17 14:31:55 MST 2007

This is all a very good example of why you never play around with your 
important machine.

Aka, one machine for Quicken, Turbotax, your resumes, etc, and another 
one for mythTV, MAME, kids games, etc, and possibly even a third for 
testing new OS's, patch levels, etc.

And yes, one day I will have three working computers at my house (aka, 
all working at the same time).


Jeff Anderson wrote:
> I did something similar to an external hard drive. I used the wrong
> letter and wiped out the first meg of the partition (wrote zeros to
> it... glad I used the count= option in dd)
> I found that the program getDataBack worked well for me. I used the FAT
> version, but they have an NTFS version as well. It costs $40 or $50, but
> it got all my files back. I played with it on other volumes and I was
> able to recover deleted files, and it seemed to be fairly versatile.
> Jeff Anderson
> Steve wrote:
>> Howdy folks,
>> It was bound to happen and it finally did, while attempting reformat
>> an external drive I entered a typo and wiped my Vista partition.
>> The command I used was
>> sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1
>> Should have been
>> sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1
>> So ummm, anyone have any ideas on if data recovery would be possible
>> here, or should I just re-install?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Sincerely,
>> Steve

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