SuSE updates not sticking?

Steve smorrey at
Sun Dec 16 01:15:02 MST 2007

I'm not sure.
Looks more like yet another yast problem.
Zypper does report that all updates are now applied properly, and this
survived a reboot just to be sure.
Yast on the other hand claims all the patches need to be applied.

Starting to think that Yast stands for "Yeah! Another Sysadmin to Trouble".
Let me tell ya, given the choice between dealing with a system where
yast is the only admin tool, and a root canal, I'll take the root
canal any day.


On Dec 16, 2007 1:00 AM, Matthew Frederico <mfrederico at> wrote:
> > > Now here I am updating again and the exact same updates are there
> > > waiting for install.
> > > It's like they aren't sticking for some reason.
> >
> Don't know SuSE to well - could it be an aggressive selinux policy?
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