Cast not your Perl before swine?

Steve smorrey at
Sat Dec 15 05:51:20 MST 2007

> Most recruiters and HR minions don't seem to know the difference between
> C and C++ anyway, let alone any other languages. Today I got an email
> from a recruiter for a Python job, saying that C# and C++ experience
> could be substituted for Python experience because the syntax is, quote,
> "very similar."

Actually I spoke to the same recruiter today.
I'm rather far along in their interview process and asked them the
same question.
The reason for the substitution isn't syntax, it's amount of usage.
They are a multi-platform shop, the job is for someone to write
software to test what they've already written, i.e. an automated
testing author.
They let you write software in whatever the heck will get the job done.
If you substitute the word "syntax" for "usage" and the statement
rings much more true.

Dave I could swear I got you my resume before a few months ago, if
you're still interested in it contact me off list and I'll resend it.


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