Cast not your Perl before swine?

Dave Smith dave at
Fri Dec 14 22:43:46 MST 2007

Steve wrote:
> I wonder whats going on in Java land thats making that market so hot right now.

One word: J2EE.

The Sun marketing machine has done its job so well that everyone wants a 
ticket on the enterprise choo-choo train. And those jobs, for the 
record, are paying a heck of a lot more than most other programming 
jobs. By my recollection, it's been that way for about 5 years. 
Personally, I'm not a fan of J2EE, but that's another topic.

By the way, my company pays top dollar for programmers to come use their 
skills in whatever-the-heck language they think works best for the job 
(provided it's not  Java, wink). Oh, and yes, we are hiring, and yes, we 
are stable, and yes, you really can have a baby for $10 on our health 
insurance. We have over a year's worth of back-log work in the queue. 
And no, we don't do lame web sites, insurance software, or financial 
apps (not that there's anything wrong with that). We write code for some 
of the world's coolest systems processing funky data at rates that'd 
make your ethernet card keel over. We support the company behind KDE, 
and we use all open source tools with Linux on lots of hardware, like 
PPC, MIPS, and x86 (by far the oddest).

Oh, and Byron Clark (who works for the same company) is going to present 
to the BYU UUG on how we create our embedded systems in January. If 
you're interested, stay tuned to (we're providing pizza).

Send me (or Byron) your resume if you're interested in working with us. 
We're in Salt Lake County in case that matters (several of our engineers 
live in Utah County, including Byron).

--Dave (wiping the recruiting grease off the keyboard now)

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