Cast not your Perl before swine?

Topher javert42 at
Fri Dec 14 22:42:35 MST 2007

Dave Smith wrote:
> Steve wrote:
>> # of C jobs - 17583
>> # of Java jobs - 16384
>> # of C++ jobs - 8292
> I'd be willing to bet my pointer arithmetic that most of those C jobs
> are actually C++ jobs. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a
> non-kernel-space program written in vanilla C? And no, GTK apps don't
> count. :)
> Most recruiters and HR minions don't seem to know the difference between
> C and C++ anyway, let alone any other languages. Today I got an email
> from a recruiter for a Python job, saying that C# and C++ experience
> could be substituted for Python experience because the syntax is, quote,
> "very similar."
> Wow.
> --Dave

Okay, that's pretty bad.

I've had the same experience with interviewers.  Not HR, but developers
have questioned my reasoning for distinguishing between C and C++.

And as for your first question, most of my research work has been in
vanilla C.  Maybe that's why I never get anything done :).

Topher Fischer
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