Cast not your Perl before swine?

Topher javert42 at
Fri Dec 14 22:18:42 MST 2007

Steve wrote:

> As a programmer myself, I'm finding that even though I don't use the
> archaic languages much if at all anymore,  having them on my resume is
> the chief reason for recruiters to come calling.  What I think is
> bothering me the most about it is that even though the majority of HR
> people are looking for these older languages, the companies themselves
> aren't using them, (with maybe the exception Perl for the purposes of
> porting apps away from Perl)  however they are generating a rather
> large percentage of the calls I'm getting.

How far are you getting with all these recruiters that are calling you?
   If you're actually getting interviews out of your resume, then (in my
experience) your resume has done its job.

I really haven't spent much time in job-hunting, but if an employer sees
my resume, and calls me, it's always been for an interview.  This
sometimes includes some questions to make sure that I wasn't lying on my
resume.  What has your experience been?

Topher Fischer
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