Cast not your Perl before swine?

Justin Findlay justin at
Fri Dec 14 18:49:04 MST 2007

On AD 2007 December 14 Friday 02:08:07 PM -0700, Levi Pearson wrote:
> Look around in the HPC community and you'll find people doing physics
> simulations and such in Fortran.  I imagine they get pretty decent
> pay, too.  Just because you didn't use the Fortran skills doesn't mean
> you couldn't have.

Yup, been there.  And we were using F77 :-), but that's probably only
because gcc-4 hadn't been released yet.  I never hacked on the FORTRAN
code though I could have and nobody would have thought anything of it
except that all the other undergrads and grads used C++/Bash/Perl.  Why
would you use FORTRAN when lots of better languages existed?  The thing
is though that FORTRAN hasn't really been completely replaced.  That's
why I think Fortress will enjoy a broad user base.


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