[Fwd: [Website Feedback] Sr. Linux Developer (Kernel and Driver)]

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Fri Dec 14 12:23:17 MST 2007

On Thu, December 13, 2007 19:04, Joseph Hall wrote:
> I hate to be the guy to light the first flame(s), but I'm just curious
> about a couple of things:
> 1) How many Sr. Linux Developers do you suppose he comes across that
> have Word, or any other Microsoft product installed on their machines?
> 2) Assuming I had the skills to apply (which I don't), do you suppose
> he would accept a PDF file, exported from OpenOffice.org, that was
> formatted to look like a Word document? He doesn't seem to be asking
> for an actual Word doc... just something that is "word formatted".
> 3) Come to think of it, he doesn't actually specify MS Word at all,
> nor does he even capitalize "word". Perhaps he's just looking for a
> resume that includes words?
> /me ducks back into the shadows.

I figure as long as we have Robert Merrill feeding us good job listings we can
survive the occasional less-quality one. I try not to be to picky - if someone
needs a job they might not be picky either.

I agree with you though. This job listing has a low-likelihood of getting any
response from a Kernel hacker.

I've noticed Robert has really focused on all of our feedback with his
listings. I highly recommend we all feed him our job seeking business. He has
shown that he "gets" the FOSS community and our interests, or at the very
least is interested in listening.


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