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Steven Alligood steve at
Thu Dec 13 11:55:06 MST 2007

Great article.

In typical human fashion, I will take from it what I wish to hear and 
ignore the rest.

Basically, I should only bottom post if I trim, but if I wish to include 
the entire email as quoted text, I should top post (no discussion here 
as to the netiquette of trimming versus not trimming).

Further, it is only a violation of netiquette to top post if the 
majority of the people on the forum or mailing list bottom post.  If the 
numbers are close, it is perfectly fine to post either way.

Do we need a survey to determine which style of posting is a violation 
of netiquette on PLUG?

This is all a little tongue-in-cheek for me, but I am actually curious 
as to my manners and if I am really violating some unwritten law or 
not.  I doubt the outcome would change how I post, but it would 
definitely change how I view what I am doing.

"Hi, my name is Steve, and I have been a top poster for 12 years, nine 
months and six days"


"HI, I am a Great Person who tops posts, eats his vegetables, and helps 
everyone toward World Peace"

I have a feeling it is more of the former than the latter.


Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> On Thursday 13 December 2007, Steven Alligood wrote:
>> I am all for posting wherever it makes people comfortable, and most of
>> the people on here have very good reasons for where they post, but I
>> think that saying one makes better netiquette than the other is a bit of
>> a stretch.
>> Can you please enlighten me as to why one area of posting is proper to
>> Miss Manners, and the other is not?
> Here is a fairly nice discourse:
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