Contractors Needed

Jesse Stay jesse at
Thu Dec 13 11:01:45 MST 2007

Do you contract for a living?  I'm looking for Mid-to-Senior level contract
developers I can contract out to on a fairly regular, as-needed basis.  I'm
in the process of starting my own Social Media Development and Consulting
business, and we have quite a number of great clients we're going to need to
have some work done for.  I'm looking for consultants of all types,
especially PHP and Perl programmers, that I can call on occasionally to do
some work for us.  If you eventually want a job, this may also be a good
opportunity for you, as we will eventually be looking to hire people full
time as business gets steady - I am *very* pro-Linux, and hate big-business
ways of doing things so we will probably get along.

If you have any experience programming for 3rd party sites, javascript, or
web service protocols, that's a plus, but I'm willing to train those that
work with us on Social Media platforms since it is such a new area of
development.  If you contract, are looking for some side contract work, or
know someone who does, send me your credentials (LinkedIn profiles are
great!  I'll accept whatever you have though), maybe some examples of code
you've written, and rates you generally charge (if you'd rather negotiate
that on the phone we can do that as well).

Chances are I know you directly or indirectly if you apply (I'm a long-timer
on this list), but any information you can get me to refresh my memory is
helpful.  Send whatever you can to me off-list, or for bonus points, find me
on any of the social networks and contact me there!


Jesse Stay
Chief Social Officer
SNAPlicate, Inc.

Cell: (801) 979-7576

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