Mounting NFS shares in Vista

Steve smorrey at
Tue Dec 11 11:33:40 MST 2007

Howdy everyone,

I have a little tip of the day for you, I hope maybe it can help some
folks out in the future since all the howtos I could find on this are
not exactly clear.
I have a vista box for testing purposes, and I have a home file server
that contains among other things file I would like to be able to
access remotely.
Problem is I don't want to spend time trying to configure samba, when
the file server already has a nicely secured NFS export.

Mount an NFS share under windows.

To start with you will need to make sure that Services for Unix
Interoperability are installed.
Thats actually pretty easy just go to your control panel, Programs,
Programs and Features.
>From there look for "Turn windows features on or off"

Once in there you will see "Subsystem for Unix-based applications", enable it.

After a few minutes it will be enabled.
Next you need to install the Services for Unix

To do this click on the windows icon, go to All Programs, look for the
folder that says "Subsystem for Unix-based applications"
Click on the folder to open it, then click on Download utilities for Subsystem.

It will take you to a download page, grab the appropriate version for
your system.
Once installed you will need to reboot.

After the reboot go back to the Control Panel, Programs, Programs and
Features, Turn windows features on or off.
You will now see a check box for Services for NFS, make sure to check
it if it's not already.

At this point we are ready to mount the NFS share.

Open a command line and type
mount IP:\sharename x:

Replace IP with the IP of your NFS server, sharename with the NFS
share and x: with the drive letter you want to map it to.
For instance mine is
mount\media x:

Poof you now have an NFS share mounted as a drive.
If you need further options of course you can use the mount /? to get
all the options.

I hope this is helpful!


p.s. You can make a batch file to mount this at boot time (Captain
Obvious to the rescue!)

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