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Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Thu Dec 6 15:11:42 MST 2007

Not long ago, Andres Gonzalez proclaimed...
> I currently have a Fedora 7 box up and running. However, I am getting
> a lot of Kernel Bug messages in my dmesg output. So, I am thinking of
> upgrading to Fedora 8 since I have a Fedora 8 CD.
> My question is this: If I update to Fedora 8, will the install
> procedure blow away my current lib directory or will it just add to it
> any updated libraries?

If you do the upgrade, it will IN THEORY not overwrite anything you've
added to the box.

> The reason for my question is that I currently have the Intel C++
> compiler installed on the Fedora 7 box. When I installed it, it did
> not support Fedora 7 so I had to go get a few earlier versions of some
> of the standard libraries just so the Intel compiler was happy. I do
> not want to go thru that again and would want the Fedora 8 upgrade
> procedure to just add any new libraries, run times, kernel, etc, and
> not blow away any existing stuff.

The upgrade process is not without its flaws. IMO, you should do a fresh
install and reinstall the Intel compiler in /usr/local or in /opt where you
can back it up as needed in the future.


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