upgrade question

Andres Gonzalez gonzo at agoralabs.com
Thu Dec 6 14:59:03 MST 2007

I currently have a Fedora 7 box up and running. However, I am getting
a lot of Kernel Bug messages in my dmesg output. So, I am thinking of
upgrading to Fedora 8 since I have a Fedora 8 CD.

My question is this: If I update to Fedora 8, will the install
procedure blow away my current lib directory or will it just add to it
any updated libraries?

The reason for my question is that I currently have the Intel C++
compiler installed on the Fedora 7 box. When I installed it, it did
not support Fedora 7 so I had to go get a few earlier versions of some
of the standard libraries just so the Intel compiler was happy. I do
not want to go thru that again and would want the Fedora 8 upgrade
procedure to just add any new libraries, run times, kernel, etc, and
not blow away any existing stuff.



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