Bind 9 master-slave transfers

Charles Curley charlescurley at
Tue Dec 4 20:26:33 MST 2007

Once more with feeling....

I have a master server and another that's supposed to be a slave. I
have notify ste to on on the master, but never see the slave inititate
a transfer wehn I change the serial number on the master.

I tried setting query source to port 53 to avoid firewalling issues;
that made no difference.

On the slave machine I can run "dig @master axfr zone" and get it.

The slave's named.conf has this stanza, and a similar one for the
forward zone:

zone "" {
	type slave;
	file "sites/localdomain/";
	allow-transfer {; };
	masters {; };
	allow-query { any; };
	zone-statistics yes;
	notify no;
	also-notify {  };

On the master:

zone "" {
	type master;
	file "sites/localdomain/";
	allow-transfer {;; };
	allow-update { key "rndc_key"; };
	allow-query { any; };
	zone-statistics yes;
	notify yes;
	also-notify { };

Both machines are Ubuntu 07.10, running bind9-1:9.4.1. The slave used
to work with a Fedora 7 machine running bind-9.4.2-1.



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